BP SPORT 8 oz.

BP SPORT 8 oz.


8 oz. / 236 ml.

Specifically formulated for people that despite being active and in good physical shape have problem areas where they need to improve the appearance of cellulite. Body Pro Sport is formulated to reduce the appearance of cellulite by decreasing fat deposits, stimulating circulation, hydrating and improving the skins tone and elasticity.

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Key Ingredients Atlantic Kelp is well known for its cleaning and healing abilities. When used in skin care it provides a powerful detoxification making an excellent herbal skin care treatment. The skin readily absorbs the essential minerals leaving you with soft, fresh and healthy looking skin. Gotu Kola Extract is known for stimulating the synthesis of collagen and improving tensile strength in the skin. Laminario (Algae) Extract, known for moisturizing and skin conditioning properties, contains amino acids found in elastic fibers of the skin that are helpful in maintaining and improving the skin’s elasticity.

Weight 8 oz


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