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Reduce body fat and cholesterol.
Reduces the desire to eat sugar.
Stimulates the functions of the liver and digestion.
Promotes the synthesis of fatty acids in the liver.
Increases metabolism and reduces appetite.
It helps eliminate cellulite.

This is our star supplement that puts you on the road to real weight loss. Lipocease stimulates metabolism to help burn fat efficiently and healthily. Its high fiber content reduces cholesterol and fat levels to promote the growth of lean muscle tissue. Lipocease supports your body as it works to lose unwanted body fat.


Citrus aurantium Fruit Extract (bitter orange extract) increases thermogenesis; The ability of your body to burn fat.
Apple cider vinegar, it helps in digestion cleaning the intestines.
Garcinia Cambogia Extract, in exact amounts, the fruit helps metabolize fat and reduce appetite.
Grape Ursi Leave, reduces water retention.
Green tea leaves, is a powerful antioxidant that increases your energy levels and metabolism.
Glucomannan from the root is a soluble fiber that acts as an appetite suppressant.
Disclaimer: The results may vary depending on the physical health of each person, diet and exercise. Before you start taking any diet of weight loss or diet please consult with your doctor.

Weight 8 oz


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