OIL PURO 5.000 mg 10ml

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  • OIL PURO 5.000 mg 10ml
  • OIL PURO 5.000 mg 10ml


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    CBD OIL PURO 5.000 mg 10ml

    The CBD is used to help combat numerous health problems, as well as severe pain, regenerate and protect the skin, avoid muscle aches, contractures, bumps or neurodegenerative diseases, among others. Anti convulsive properties: Helps to reduce seizure activity. Anti-depressant and / or anxiolytic properties: Helps reduce episodes of depression and anxiety, improving mood. Anti-emetics properties: Helps to reduce vomiting and nausea. Anti-inflammatory properties: Helps reduce inflammation of different types. Anti tumor and / or anti Carcinogenic properties: Helps to fight tumor and cancer cells. Anti psychotic properties: Helps to reduce psychotic episodes. It stimulates the appetite and helps fight food disorders.


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